The Quantum Sensor Limit Feature

We get a lot of questions about the Sensor Limit feature available in Auto and Auto-Fill modes on Qflash, Trio and Trio Basic. This great feature allows you to communicate better with your flash. Specifically it lets you tell the flash how far away your subject is, so Auto mode does not try to light up a dark background in the distance, and blow out the shot.

Without Sensor Limit
Distant Background - Without Sensor Limit
Distant Background - with Sensor Limit
Distant Background - with Sensor Limit









Sensor Limit works really well in catering halls where the lights are turned down. Say for instance that you have the bridal couple 12 feet from you. The lights are turned down for ambiance and there is a dark background behind the couple. If you have the sensor limit set for 15 feet, the flash will not put out more light than necessary for 15 feet at the ISO and f/stop you have set on the camera.

It is important to remember that Sensor Limit is only available in Auto & Auto-fill modes, where the sensor in the flash is used to calculate the exposure. The sensor limit does not apply in QTTL mode, which uses information from the camera or Manual modes.




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