JB & DeEtte Sallee’s new tour, The Sallee School.

Quantum is proud to be sponsoring JB & DeEtte Sallee’s latest educational tour, The Sallee School.

Some of the finest professional photographers working today will be joining the Sallees to share their success stories and to raise the level of professional photography all around the country.

Sallee School covers a wide range of topics from Photography & Lighting, to Photoshop, to Marketing & Sales.  The Sallees and their guest speakers have already posted their Spring Semester, Mini Session 1, and Summer School schedules, with new content to offer on each visit. Check their registration page ( Sallee School Registration ) to see the courses available in a city near you. Let’s all inspire and grow together at Sallee School!

Quantum is dedicated to ensuring your success.  We look for opportunities to support high quality educational tours, like Sallee School, Clay Blackmore, David Ziser, and more. Join our mailing list at www.qtm.com to be notified about upcoming seminar tours, as well as new tutorials, and videos.

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