Back to School blues… and reds and a little bit of green.

Commercial Photographer Kevin Manning of St. Louis Missouri joins us today to share the story of a shoot he did for the iPAD news app., “The Daily.”

Meet the Bad Hair Gang of Elsah, Ill. who are suspended for their first week of school for violating the Grafton Elementary School dress code by coloring their hair.

These rapscallions were suspended on the first day of school for having bad hair.

They are spending their suspension exercising their constitutional right to freedom of expression, contacting the ACLU, posing for portraits for national publications and TV, and eating ice cream.

Their diminutive ringleader David aka “Littleman”  is but 6 and was suspended in his first hour of first grade.  Their ranks include an honor student and also a cancer awareness activist. I did my part by educating them about color temperature and TTL metering.

This shot was taken using two off-camera Trios, one with a parabolic reflector pointed up for a diffused ceiling bounce and the other with the Quantum bare-bulb diffuser.

The great advantage here was quickness of setup and using QTTL with a pilot.

Kevin Manning



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