Manual Made Easy

Qflash QFT5dR

TTL, Auto, and Auto-fill are all great tools in the right circumstance, but some situations can mislead sensors. Luckily, the Quantum Qflash, Trio, and Trio Basic are all designed to make setting your flash in Manual Mode as easy as possible.

Imagine you are out in a park, on an afternoon engagement session. Your happy couple specifically wants some photos in the gazebo they got engaged in, the very spot where they shared their first kiss… no pressure here.

It is a bright sunny day and the deck of the gazebo is under some heavy shadows. The bright background behind your couple can easily trick your sensors in TTL or Auto mode. It is time to go Manual.

Qflash Trio
Qflash Trio

Press the mode button on the back of your Trio or Qflash and use the +/- or arrow buttons to scroll through the modes. Press SET to select “Manual” mode. If you are using the flash with a Pilot or at the camera position with a TTL adapter, the Qflash will pick-up the F-stop and ISO setting from your camera. If you are using a sync cord or simple wireless trigger you will need to use the SET button and arrow buttons to adjust the F-stop and ISO settings to match your camera.

Press SET again and use the arrow buttons to adjust the power setting. Notice that the distance at the bottom of the display changes as you adjust the power from 1/64 to 1/1. When the distance matches the distance to your subjects you are ready to take a perfectly exposed shot.

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