Love That High-Speed Sync….

                                               …but how come it’s not working!!!?

High-speed SyncThe Quantum Trio, Trio Basic, and Pilot all work with High-speed Sync. This great feature allows you to capture the color in the sky by pushing the shutter speed beyond the normal limits of your DSLR camera.

To activate the high-speed sync on your Trio or Pilot press the option (OPT) soft key, use the +/- soft keys to move to the “select sync” menu, and used the arrow keys to select high-speed sync (HSS). Press the Mode/OK soft key and the Trio or Pilot is ready to go.

If you are shooting with a Canon camera you will now be able to set you shutter speed above the usual 1/250 limit.

NikonIf you are using a Nikon DSLR you will need to adjust a custom setting. There is a setting on Nikon camera bodies (D2X, D2H, S200, D300, D700 ,D300s, D3, D3x D3s, in the Custom Menu. It is e1.  This is factory defaulted to 1/250th of a second, which is the highest normal sync speed for flash. It needs to be set to 1/250 FP or 1/320 FP , which is the High Speed Sync mode. This will allow the camera to go above 1/250th of a second when there is a flash in the hot shoe of the camera. Once it is set, there is no need to turn off the FP High Sync Mode unless you do not want to use it.

The Nikon D90 has this Auto FP function as item e5 in its Custom Menu. Choices here are ON or OFF

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