Like Having the Sun in Your Back Pocket

Lenwood YoungLenwood W. Young of Xpress Yourself Portraits in San Bernardino California specializes in Weddings, Corporate, and Senior portraits. He recently added Qflash to his equipment bag, liked the results, and joins us today to share his story…

I took this shot at an abandon train station in Redlands, California, right around sunset. This was my first time using my Qflash T5dR on a shoot. Before I had been using speed lights or studio lights with extension cords on location.

The main light is my Qflash T5dR in a 12×12 soft box positioned¬† at a 45 degree angle to the models face, camera right, about 8ft from her. The hair light is a Canon 580EXII positioned about 10 feet behind the model with the head of the flash pointed at her back. The lights were triggered with radio poppers.

I turned everything on, just to get a feel for the setup. I did a couple of test shots to dial in my settings. The Qflash was set to 1/4 power, and hair light to 1/2 power.

If you ask me about the Qflash T5dr I would say you can’t go wrong with this product, you don’t have to worry about finding a wall plug because of the portable battery pack. It’s like having the sun in your back pocket. Go with the T5dR anytime you need to light up the night or compete with bright sunlight.

As long as you have the best equipment you to can make very beautiful shots like this yourself. With Quantum the sky’s the limit, the only thing stopping you from doing something like this is your imagination!

Camera info: Canon 85mm 1.2 Lens, Canon 5DMKII @ F4.5 ISO 100 Shutter Speed 1/160

Lenwood W. Young

Lenwood Young Lenwood Young Lenwood Young Lenwood Young

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