High School Senior Session with Jim Cowsert

Freelance photographer Jim Cowsert of Grapevine Photo returns to the Flashline this week. Jim specializes in corporate photography, family portraits, sports photography, and senior photos. Jim recently took his Qflash T5d-R, Trio and Pilot on a senior portrait session.

McKalee Rouse is a high school senior who is also a great softball player. She will be going to a D-1 college next year on a full ride softball scholarship! I knew MaKalee’s session would need to include a trip to the softball diamond, but first I wanted to get some casual shots around town.

My favorite time to shoot is from just before sunset right on into the late evening. This is really where I believe my Quantum lights shine. The High Speed Sync on the Trio allows me to pull in the beautiful colors in the sky and still put that perfect light on my subject.

After the sun went down I used my Qflash T5d-R as the main light and set the Trio camera right and slightly behind McKalee  for accent.  I wanted to control the spread of the light on the stone wall and park bench shots, so I placed a 20° grid on the T5d-R. Both flashes were in manual mode and controlled by a Pilot on my Canon 1dMk4. No processing was done to the final images except for cropping and sizing for the web.

A funny thing happened when we finally made it to the softball field… after setting up my lights, positioning the props, and posing McKalee… Just as I was about to shoot,  the fields lights were turned off for the night. I had to shoot in total darkness. This actually turned out great since the Qflash’s really made for some good light.

Jim Cowsert

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