Okay, I admit I am a flasher!!! with Luke Pickerill

Louise & Andrew 1
Camera Settings: 1/250 - f/3.5 - ISO320Main Light Quantum T5d-RShoot Through UmbrellaBack Light: SB-800

Today we are joined by “Q”flasher, and professional photographer Luke Pickerill of www.PickerillCreative.com. Luke is both a Photographer and Videographer, and he has been wowing us with his fusion videos!

Okay,  I admit I am a flasher!!!
I love to flash and use it almost to a fault.

Sometimes, I reach for my flashes, get them all set up and once I am ready to start popping I look at the scene, realize I have incredible available light and quite literally drop the flashes where I stand.

Louise & Andrew 5
Camera Settings: 1/250 - f/2.0- ISO100 Main Light Quantum T5dr - shoot through Umbrella Back Light: SB-800

Ok, that was a little but of an exaggeration, but flashing is actually a decision I made long before showing up to a job.

    “Using flash is one of the ways
I set my self apart from my competition.”

I coach a lot of other young photogs and professionals and I am finding that a large majority of them have no idea how to flash.  They rely entirely on available light.  Now don’t get me wrong available light is awesome, and I use it to, but I can also flash!  I am not limited to only that light that happens to exist in a scene.

I have been hearing words like vintage and grungy for quite a while now and that seems to be the current trend.  While I utilize those looks as well, they also take more time in post processing, which for a wedding studio can eat into the bottom line and reduce your profits.  Plus, I like to shoot, not post process, so flashing allows me to get the look I want, in camera without extensive post processing.

Louise & Andrew 7
Camera Settings: 1/100 - f/2.8- ISO1000Main Lights: 2 Video LightsFill Light: Quantum Bounced Off The Wall to the right

I like to use a Quantum T5dr and a Turbo 3 as a main light mostly shot through a 40” shoot through umbrella.  I use a bunch of different modifiers but what I like about the T5dr is that it has enough power to get over the ambient in most situations.  I also used an SB-800 with a 1/4 CTO as a back light in most of these shots.

Luke Pickerill
Pickerill Creative
(818) 391-9541


Louise & Andrew 3 Louise & Andrew 4 Louise & Andrew 6: Camera Settings: 1/160 - f/4.0- ISO100 Main Light Quantum T5dr - shoot through Umbrells Back Light: SB-800 - on the ground behind the couple. Louise & Andrew 8: Camera Settings: 1/40 - f/2.8- ISO800 Back Light:  Quantum

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