Change Your Flashtube… Every 900,000 Shots!

Albert T. Parker of ParkWest Photography in Chandler, Arizona and his wife Patricia do on location photography at ballroom dance competitions.

Traveling the country to cover both local & regional competitions, the Parkers need powerful, studio quality lights and they need them to be fast recycling and portable as well. Al started using Qflash & Turbo in 2004. He has assembled quite a collection of our equipment over the years.

The business has been growing by leaps and bounds. Patricia usually handles sales at their events, but on occasion she will jump in to capture some of the action. Al & Patricia shoot with high-end Canon DSLR’s and they use two remote Qflash QFT5dR’s controlled by on-camera Quantum Trios.

Al logged over a million and a half images on a single Canon body in less than 18 months! When he sent his high mileage 1Ds Mk IV in for “preventative maintenance” Canon was totally amazed at how many shots he got without service. Just to be on the safe side, AL decided to change the flashtubes on his Qflashes and Trios; since they each had around 900,000 shots!

Thank you for sharing this story Al, and thanks for relying on Qflash & Turbo.


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