Portable? Yes It’s Portable.

Two Quantum Trio Flashes
Canon 5D Mark II @ ISO800
Canon 16-35mm II L @ 16mm
Exposure: 5sec, @ f/5

Shooting climbing is really exciting, but shooting ice climbing at night takes the excitement to a whole new level.

Before I even got to the spot, I figured it was going to be a difficult lighting situation, since I would be hanging off a rope about 40 feet above the ground on a frozen waterfall. I placed one Quantum Trio on the bottom of the waterfall, pointed upwards since I knew this would bring the ice texture out. I put another Trio in my backpack and after a 20 minute climb, found the perfect spot. Then I placed the second flash on camera. Thanks to the FreeXwire system I had full control over both flashes. I also took a tripod with me, and pushed it in to the ice as much as I could.

By using rear curtain sync, slow shutter speed, and a tripod, I was able to capture the lights in the background, freeze the climber, and get nice and crispy image!

Daniel Milchev

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