The QFlash CoPilot is coming…

CoPilot - for Canon or Nikon
The QFlash CoPilot
Your Flash Will Be Assimilated !!!

Your Flash Will Be Assimilated!!!

User-Friendly Wireless TTL Flash Controller
With Auto-Focus Assist

CoPilot ships to your dealers the week of June 11th
Estimated street price $216

Photographers can now trigger and quickly set ratios for three groups of radio controlled Qflash. Set lighting ratios on the fly, right from your camera. Simply turn three controls on the CoPilot to instantly adjust lighting ratios as you shoot.

Mix and match all the flashes you own. CoPilot controls remote Qflash TRIOs or T5dRs. And it commands any combination of non-Quantum flashes connected to a Quantum FreeXwire receiver. Click here for more information…

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