Showers of Love

Forevermore Photos - Showers of Love
Forevermore Photos - Showers of Love
Forevermore Photos – Showers of Love

I am a big David Ziser fan. After reading David’s book, “Captured By the Light” I decided it was time for me to make the move to off camera flash. Unfortunately, my local camera shop talked me out of getting Quantum lighting equipment and encouraged me to buy another popular wireless controller and regular speedlights instead.

A year and a half of frustration followed. My brand new speedlights would over heat and stop working. I couldn’t wait the recommended ten minutes to use them again, so I tried replacing the batteries to help them cool off. This caused me a lot of stress and frustration. I was spending a fortune on batteries and missing shots!

Finally, I took the plunge and made a serious investment in a Trio, a Qflash T5dR and two Turbo 3 batteries. (Insert the sound of angel harps here!) The Qflashes are always ready to fire. They never overheat and the Turbo 3’s still have power at the end of my 10-hour days!

My “Showers of Love” umbrella shots are usually done at the end of the night, so it’s nice and dark out. The camera is mounted on a tripod, set to bulb exposure and second sync flash. My T5dR is under the umbrella, controlled by my on-camera Trio with its flash set very low, just for a little extra fill light. I hold the shutter open for a little while to let the ambient light in and the flash fires when I release the shutter.

My investment has practically paid for itself in savings on AA batteries. I was using as many as 24 AA batteries for each wedding. The time I saved by not stressing about AA batteries and overheated speedlight allowed me to focus on what I love best about my job… being creative.

If you are looking for reliable, beautiful lighting I highly recommend going with Quantum!

Barbara Zlotnik, Owner/Photographer
Forevermore Photos
Hatboro, PA

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