There’re All Speaking Quantum

I am surprised at how often the “can a Trio work with both Canon and Nikon” question comes up. The short answer is no, but there is more to the story.

If you use both Canon & Nikon bodies you may be interested to know that the Quantum Trio, Pilot and CoPilot all “speak Quantum.”

When you choose a Trio, Pilot, or CoPilot you need to pick a Canon or Nikon version to match the body you will be shooting with. Your unit will interpret the Canon OR Nikon TTL data it receives through its hot shoe and then it will “speak Quantum” to any remote Qflash or Trio.

This gives you the flexibility to shoot with a dedicated Canon Trio, Pilot or CoPilot on your Canon camera and control a Nikon Trio remotely, or visa versa.


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