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I am a commercial photographer based in Birmingham UK, just wanted to say a big thank you to Quantum for helping me with my job. Without the versatility, reliability and flexibility of Qflash I wouldn’t have been able to give my clients the quality of images they require.

A few years ago I was severely let down on a commission by Canon’s own flash system (usual overheating problem) and needed a reliable replacement, the Qflash system ticked all the boxes, and since then it hasn’t let me down.

I use 3 Qflashes (Trio, X5dr, Td5r) coupled with a Canon pilot and FW7q, this setup is perfect for all the location and commercial commissions I undertake throughout the UK and Europe.

I use the Trio when I need on camera flash.

Last year I shot HM Queen Elizabeth during her Jubilee tour, I was briefed to get a front cover pic for the magazine that commissioned me, then images of all the people she met. The Trio coupled with the Turbo3 was the perfect combination, fast recycling meant I didn’t miss one of the group pictures, meaning lots people got a picture of themselves with the Queen.

On location I use up to 3 Qflash.

For this shot, the client wanted an interesting PR image form a school science day. One T5dr was placed behind the subject.

The wireless reliability of the T5dr coupled with the on camera pilot means I can shoot a couple of test shots to get the look I want, without having to go to the flash to change exposure.

The portrait to the left was lit using a Qflash X5dr fitted with QF75 26” Octagon Softbox,  a T5dr placed in the background to provide lighting for the background.

The QF75 provides me with the quality of full sized studio lighting without the bulk. I’ve lost count of how many times whilst shooting on location, a client would ask me for something else that wasn’t on the brief.
The QF75 coupled with a X5dr means I can shoot nearly anything extra that I’m asked for.

After a recent factory tour of the Jaguar car plant in Birmingham for a car magazine, the journalist I was with had an opportunity to interview Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar Land Rover.

This was something I hadn’t been briefed to shoot but having the QF75 with me, the Qflash system meant I could light the interview very quickly.

This shoot took just 2 minutes to arrange, A X5dr and QF75 to light the CEO and a  T5dr in the background bounced off the rear wall. 3 test shots at the start of the interview to adjust exposure and I was ready to shoot.

A large percentage of my work is for the education sector.

University and school prospectuses need to be shot with the minimum of disruption to the classes. I usually light these with a X5dr and T5dr both fitted with the QF62BS Bare Bulb Enhancer.



The X5dr has enough power to bounce off the highest ceiling, this means I can work quickly at different angles when I’m moving around the subject, without the need to move the flash unit.
Quality light is at a premium most of the year round here in the UK, Qflash means I can light most rooms and subjects quickly and easily, and when the sun does shine, I can be in complete control by having the flexibility of shooting up to 1/8000th sec.

If any location photographer wants a system that is quick and easy to operate then look no further.

Edward Moss commercial and editorial photography
Birmingham UK


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