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Qflash in Action: Halloween treats featuring Quantum’s own Barrett McGivney.

Happy Halloween Quantum Shooters,

With Halloween and PhotoPlus right around the corner, I decided to showcase some of my work using nothing but Qflashes and featuring the artwork of J. Anthony Kosar.

Anthony is the FACE OFF Season 4 Champion and Award-Winning Artist who specializes in Fine Art, Illustration, Sculpture, Creature Design, Make-up FX, and Product Design through his company Kosart Effects Studios, LLC. In 2007, he interned at legendary Stan Winston Studio creating effects for INDIANA JONES 4 and James Cameron’s AVATAR, and studied sculpture under world-renowned creature designer Jordu Schell. Kosar designs and sculpts Halloween masks for Zagone Studios, creates special effects for theater, film, and commercials, and between projects, teaches the art of FX through his studio in Westmont, IL. Besides FX, Kosar is an internationally awarded fine artist and illustrator, having been awarded by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, American Watercolor Society, Illinois Watercolor Society, and several others. In 2009, he was named “One to Watch” by Watercolor Artist Magazine.

Boaris Frankenswine
Title: Boaris Frankenswine
Artist: J. Anthony Kosar
Photographer: Barrett “Bear” McGivney

Lighting Equipment: (2) T5D-r, (1) Trio, (3) Turbo 2×2 Batteries, (1) Pilot, (2) FW7Q, (2) 45” shoot through umbrellas, Green gel, (3) QF60b reflectors, (3) compact stands, (3) swivel umbrella adapters, 8×8 black background.
Exposure: ISO 200, 1/125th @ f/8
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II, canon 24-70 f/2.8 lens.

Technique: The Trio was used as the back light with the green gel. About ½ power. The T5D-r’s were set up just out of frame at a 75 degree angle. Main light 1 stop brighter than the fill.
I wanted to make sure that the lighting revealed the intricate detail of this unique sculpture.

J. Anthony Kosar
Title: The Beast
Model: J. Anthony Kosar (designed, sculpted, made, painted and self-applied prosthetic makeup)
Project: SyFy’s Face Off submission
Photographer: Barrett “Bear” McGivney

LightingEquipment: (1) T5d-r, (2) T2, (1) Pilot, (1) 26” octabank, purple gels, (3) Turbo 2×2 Batteries, 8×8 black background.
Exposure: ISO 200, 1/125 @ f/8
Camera equipment: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-70 f/2.8

Technique: T5D-r in 26” octabank as mainlight, 45 degrees camera left. The T2’s were set at the edges of the background aimed at 45 degrees towards Anthony’s back, creating the detail in the hair and separating him from the background with a touch of color.

Monster PromThese guys were part of a project called “Monster Prom” ad campaign photographed by Joshua Hoffine and commissioned by Sony UK.Read the story at Hoffine’s blog: www.joshuahoffine.wordpress.com Once the sculptures were returned to Anthony, he put the wardrobe touches on these three iconic characters in their awkward teen years and I got to photograph them.

Lighting Equipment: (3) T5d-r, (2) T2’s, (1) X5D-r w/ Qpaq, (2) 26” octabanks, (1) 45” silver/white umbrella, (2) 10×24 strip banks, (1) 32” silver reflector, (3) FW7Q, (2) Fw8R FreeXwire receivers, (2) Turbo 3 Batteries, (2) Turbo 2×2 batteries, (1) Pilot, (1) 8×8 black background.
Exposure: ISO 200, 1/125 @ f/14
Camera Equipment: Canon 1d Mark III, Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4

This was one of my more elaborate setups. I had 2 octabanks setup as my mainlight (one stacked over the other in Remote Group R1) at ¼+ power, my fill was the X5D-r shooting into the silver/white umbrella (Remote Group R2) at ½ power, the 3rd T5D-r set as a backlight with the red gel (R3) at 1/1- power, the 2 T2’s were at the edges of the backdrop aimed towards the boys at ¼ power and triggered by the FW8R’s. The 32” silver reflector is about 75 degrees from camera right.

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