Portable studio quality for the demanding professional

Quantum portable studio strobe lights

Eliminate unreliable AA batteries and up your game with Quantum Batteries.  Quantum power for flash and camera keeps advancing with higher capacity, smaller size and lighter weight power packs.  The latest models employ Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries for durability and ultra fast recycling. And, they do not come under the restrictions of lithium batteries for air travel.

Turbo 3
  • More powerful, smaller and lighter than ever
  • Power your flash: 600-7500 flashes in 0.1 to 1.9 seconds recycle time
  • Up to 5 hours DSLR power in HD video
  • Great power for studio or on-location
Turbo AC

In the studio and anywhere AC outlets are available, The Quantum TURBO AC delivers continuous, unlimited power…with fast TURBO recycling time for all Quantum Turbo flash units. Shoot all day, day after day, with nothing to recharge.

Turbo SC - Slim Compact
  • The stealthy, pocket Turbo
  • Lots of capacity: 225 Qflash,
  • 400 shoe-mount full power flashes
  • Featherweight: 15oz. (422g)
  • Charges in 1.5 hours
QB1 Battery

Excellent, reliable 6 volt power supply for most shoe-mounted flash units that use AA’s.  Provides up to 1000 flashes with 50% faster, consistent recycling time. Easy to read “fuel gauge” lights make monitoring battery capacity and charging a snap.

Turbo Blade
  • Mount it on a light stand with a flash  on top for remote flash
  • All-in-one portability for flash power
  • Light weight 14.8 ozs. (420g)
  • Same specs as TURBO SC
Qpaq-X Portable Studio

A high power, modular system for Qflash-X with 200-800 Watt-Seconds of battery powered flash.  Connect one or two Qflash X 400 watt-second heads and shoot in Manual, Automatic, TTL, or Strobo mode!

Charge your Turbo battery from your car

The Turbo‘s LED display will let you know that it is charging and the amount of charge in the Turbo. Now you can go on assignment knowing that you have ability to top off your Turbo‘s before or in-between assignments. Shop →

  • Trademark “gas gauge”
  • Power hundreds of models of shoe and handle mount
    flashes from Canon, Nikon, Metz, Quantum and
    more, Worldwide
  • No-memory NIMH rechargeable cells
  • Proven in rugged professional use
    for over a ¼ century!
  • Vehicle Chargers – charge between assignments TURBO SC / TB
  • Universal 100-240V Chargers TURBO 3-TRU (860815), TURBO SC / TBL-TCRU
  • 10 ft. Extension Power Cord
  • Quantum Battery Clamp

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Studio Strobes for on-site commercial, portraiture, and the prominent wedding photographer.