Control your Nikon or Canon Flash

Link your remote Canon or Nikon Flash to your Qflash/FreeXwire radio system. Thinking of upgrading to a Qflash TRIO or PILOT? Are you wondering what you will do with the speedlites that you already own… think QLINK by Quantum.

QLINK is the wireless radio solution that allows you to move your Canon or Nikon flashes off-camera and control them seamlessly with a Quantum Qflash TRIO or PILOT. QLINK works with the FreeXwire radio system, so there are no line of sight issues and bright sunlight will not interfere, as with Canon & Nikon IR systems.

Connecting the QLINK to your speedlites and a FreeXwire FW8R receiver completes the link between your camera and its factory remote speedlites. QLINK is now ready to receive commands as far as 600 feet from a TRIO or PILOT! Set lighting ratios in TTL mode or f/ numbers in Auto*, right from the back of the TRIO or PILOT mounted on your camera.

For manual control set the F/number and ISO on the remote speedlites. Adjust multiple remote Qflashes, Canon or Nikon speedlites individually. Control up to 3 remote groups independently with a PILOT or 2 groups with an on-camera TRIO.

3 Light Portrait Using Quantum Qflash T5d-R, TRIO and Qlink

Tag along with professional photographer Will Crockett as he preps, sets up and shoots a three light wireless TTL location portrait of a doctor in his Chicago office. This shot presents some new ways to light and shoot with portable battery-powered flashes featuring the Quantum Qflash Trio, Qflash T5dR, triggering with the FreeXwire system and even adding in a traditional speedlite to the mix using the Quantum Qlink. Shop →