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  • Quantum Instruments Flash Kit Overview

    Quantum has put together this 2-3 Head Flash Kit with Trio and T5dR Flash Heads and Turbo 3 and Turbo SC or Blade Batteries for Nikon and Canon Cameras to give photographers a lightweight and portable location kit. The included T5dR flash head equipped with the FreeXwire wireless TTL receiver is a completely automated flash with many advanced user-selectable operating modes and 150Ws of power.  The Qflash Trio provides 80Ws of flash power and has a built-in wireless receiver in addition to a fully functional built-in wireless controller. Additionally, the flash units are wirelessly controlled by your camera’s TTL via the kit’s CoPilot Wireless TTL Flash Controller, or the Trio flash head on-camera. Power is provided by your choice of Quantum Turbo rechargeable batteries.

    The kit also includes two 8′ air-cushioned light stands, clamps to mount the batteries to the stands, two umbrella brackets, and two 45″ umbrellas, as well as a padded case.

    Quantum Instruments Qflash Model T5D-R

    The Q Flash T5D-R TTL Flash by Quantum Instruments is an updated version of the T4D model. It has full wireless TTL dedication for digital and film cameras, with the purchase of optional, camera-specific DW series QTTL modules and receivers. The Qflash T5D has Exposure compensation in Auto and Manual Modes, Under-Over F-stop exposure indicators in Auto, a Flash Counter, visible and audible flash indficators and signal, a modeling light, and an improved reflector locking ring.

    It is a completely automated flash head with many advanced user-selectable operating modes; it is the perfect portable flash for any professional photographer.

    Regular auto and manual flash are possible through its twin-blade sync socket. TTL flash exposures are possible when using the T5D with selected digital cameras. This unit is backward compatible with all Quantum TTL cords and adapters.

    The Q Flash uses parabolic reflectors for clean, even light spread, and the reflectors are removable for bare-bulb lighting. Flash control is either Automatic, TTL (with optional adapters for TTL camera control), Manual, or Stroboscopic. Automatic exposure control covers a nine stop range, adjustable every 1/3 stop, for a total of 25 automatic settings. Manual power can be adjusted from full to 1/64 power in 1/3 stop increments; flash power can be dialed in precisely; Stroboscopic mode can be adjusted for flash power and number and frequency of bursts for special effects. Program allows storage of up to 8 favorite settings and switching between them at a push of a button.

    The LCD control panel shows minimum & maximum flash distance range for each auto setting. It has both an audible and visual indication of correct exposure, displaying “OK” & 1 beep, or 3 beeps right away and an “UNDR” or “OVER” in the display, indicating which way to adjust the unit. The beep is switchable, or one may use the included earphone in situations where noise is distracting.

    The Q Flash mounts on a camera bracket, tripod, or light stand and weighs no more than a conventional flash.

    The Q Flash Model T5 can only be powered by the TURBO Series Batteries or Lumedyne Mega Cyclers with a Lumedyne battery, up to 150 Ws, full power, manual.

    Wireless TTL, Sync and Shutter Control

    Links Qflash 5D series flashes to digital and film cameras (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Mamiya, and Contax) – wirelessly.
    QTTL Adapters with a FreeXWire FW9T Transmitter will send commands to one or more remote FreeXWire receivers connected to Qflashes.

    Full Dedication

    Connect a Qflash 5D to a camera using an optional Dw series QTTL adapter to make Qflash a fully dedicated flash that mimics the features of camera manufacturers’ flashes.

    Manual Mode

    Power may be adjusted from full to 1/2 to 1/64 power in 1/3 stop increments.

    Stroboscopic Mode

    May be adjusted for power, number, and frequency of rapid firing for special effects.

    Program Mode

    Store up to 8 favorite settings, switch between them at the push of a button.

    Exposure Confirmation

    Visual: Displays “OK”
    Audible: Beeps once for OK, or beeps 3 times with an “UNDR” or “OVER” in the display, indicating which way to adjust the Q Flash.
    The beeping is switchable, or can be heard discreetly with the included earphone.

    Changeable Reflector

    May be used with included parabolic or optional QF63 telephoto reflector.
    May be used bare bulb, or with silver or gold bare bulb enhancers.

    Angle Adjustment

    Head swivels and tilts for bounce flash capability.

    Easy to Mount

    Mounts on a camera bracket, lightstand, or tripod with the 1/4″-20 threaded socket on the bottom of the unit.

    New Reflector Mount

    Improved for sure mounting of new “B” series reflectors and accessories.
    UPC: 807955011149

    Quantum Instruments CoPilot Wireless TTL Flash Controller for Canon or Nikon

    With the Quantum Instruments CoPilot Wireless TTL Flash Controller you can control a studio full of flashes from up to 300′ away from the hotshoe of your camera. Not only will the CoPilot trigger them but can adjust the lighting ratios of up to three independent groups of flashes. Instead of poking away at an LCD screen Quantum gives you ergonomic, tactile dials that you can adjust without looking at them once you get used to their functions. The CoPilot is compatible with current Qflash TRIOs and T5dRs as well as older versions and any non-Quantum flash that can be triggered in Manual and Auto mode only by a FreeXwire wireless receiver. Last but not least, the CoPilot has a built-in IR autofocus assist for fast focus in low light.

    • The CoPilot’s infrared autofocus assist helps your camera focus in low light
    • TTL control of up to three independent groups of flashes without a local flash or two remote groups with a local Qflash connected to the accessory connector of CoPilot. Compatible with Quantum TRIO and T5dR and older T2D, T3D, T4D and T5D versions
    • Trigger non-Quantum flash in manual or auto mode with FreeXwire FW8R or FW10W receivers
    • Use any number of flashes in each remote group
    • Instant dial settings replace complicated LCD display
    • Reliable digital radio wireless up to 300′ (100 m)
    • UPC: 807955012474

    Quantum Instruments FreeXwire 7Q Compact Wireless Digital TTL Receiver

    The Quantum FreeXwire 7Q mounts directly flush onto a Qflash 4d or 5d series flash, with no need for any connection cords. With the FW9T or FW10w transmitter mounted on the camera (with the FW12 Hot Shoe Adapter) it is now possible to trigger the Qflash completely wireless. Or, add a D or Dw series QTTL adapter to the camera and transmit the camera’s f/stop, ISO, and TTL exposure information to the remote Qflash 5d.

    Might require additional cables or accessories, depending on flash and/or camera used, please click here to see FreeXwire components.

    UPC: 807955011101

    Quantum Instruments Qflash TRIO Basic Flash for Canon Cameras

    The Quantum Qflash TRIO Basic Flash combines several of Quantum’s venerable Qflash system technologies into one complete dedicated shoe mount flash, and has full E-TTL / E-TTL II dedication to Canon cameras. Slip it onto the camera hot-shoe, connect any Quantum Turbo battery (not included), and shoot studio-quality flash photos non-stop, 24 hours a day without slowing down or overheating.

    The Qflash uses parabolic reflectors for clean, even light spread, and the reflectors are removable for bare-bulb lighting. The flash can be used either on-camera on its own or on-camera as a master to other off-camera units.

    The TRIO Basic includes many of the same functions as other Qflash models including: Manual, Auto, Auto-Fill, TTL, and Program (Pre-Sets) modes. The TRIO Basic has high-speed sync capabilities, and can be powered by any Quantum heavy-duty Turbo-series battery, which allows for almost unlimited rapid-fire, full-power flashes. It has a user-replaceable flash tube, a coiled 6′ power cable, a removable reflector and includes 2 flat white UV diffusers. A wide variety of optional light modifiers are available. A power pack is not included.

    • Compact, shoe-mount Qflash with high-speed sync capabilities.
    • Full TTL dedication for Canon cameras.
    • Manual, Auto, Auto-Fill, TTL, and Program (Pre-Sets) Modes.
    • Unlimited rapid-fire, full power flashes.
    • Removable long and short power cords.
    • User replaceable flash tube.
    • Removable reflector, bare-bulb flash capable.
    • Wide variety of light modifiers available.
    • UPC: 807955012276

    Quantum Instruments Turbo 3 Rechargeable Battery (US / Canada / Japan Plug)

    For a portable power source for your speedlights, use the Turbo 3 Rechargeable Battery (US / Canada / Japan Plug) from Quantum Instruments. This battery works with most shoe-mount and handle-mount flashes, including all Quantum Qflash, T-series, and Trio/Pilot portable flashes. The Turbo 3 has the capacity to provide 1050 full-power flashes for shoe-mount speedlights and 750 flashes for handle-mount units.

    The product offers two outlets so you can simultaneously power a digital camera and a flash, or two flashes. Cables are secured to the battery via locking sockets so you don’t have to worry about a cable falling out while you are in the middle of shooting. Compatible cables for Nikon, Canon, and Qflash Trio are available and sold separately.

    The Turbo 3 is equipped with four LED status indicators for checking how much power you have left. Recycling times vary from 1 to 1.9 seconds, and it takes about three hours to fully charge the unit with the included battery charger. The product weighs only 2 lb and can be carried around easily with the included belt clip.


    • NiMH batteries used for quick recycling
    • Non-included locking flash cables for Nikon, Canon, and Qflash TRIO can be secured with the locking sockets of the Turbo 3
    • Comes with a belt clip, and has fittings for an optional shoulder strap
    • Two outlets for simultaneously powering a digital camera and a flash, or two flashes
    • The internal battery can be replaced by Quantum Instruments at a nominal cost if desired
    • To check the Turbo 3 capacity when it is not connected, press the ON button until the LED display comes on. The gauge will automatically turn off after use

    Full-Power Flashes

    • Shoe mount: 1050
    • Handle mount: 750
    • Qflash: 600
    • Trio: 1050

    Full-Power Flashes (with Flash and Digital Camera)

    • Shoe mount: 600
    • Handle mount: 450
    • Qflash: 375
    • Trio: 630

    Typical 1/8-Power Flashes in Automatic/TTL Mode

    • Shoe mount: 7500
    • Handle mount: 5400
    • Qflash: 4300
    • Trio: 7500
    UPC: 807955011910

    Quantum Instruments Turbo SC Battery Pack for Portable Flashes (US / Canada / Japan Plug)

    For a portable power source for your speedlights, use the Turbo SC Battery Pack for Portable Flashes (US / Canada / Japan Plug) from Quantum Instruments. This compact NiMH battery provides adequate capacity for daily use in a package that weighs 15 oz and measures only 1.3″ in depth. It can provide 400 full-power flashes for shoe-mount speedlights on a single charge, with recycling times that vary from 1.4 to 3 seconds depending on the flash.

    The Turbo SC takes about an hour and a half to fully charge once depleted. Four LED indicators are available to show the battery status. The product is light and can be easily carried around via the belt clip or with optional shoulder straps.


    • NiMH batteries used for quick recycling times
    • Charges in 1.5 hours with included US / Canada / Japan plug charger
    • Compact size and weight allow this pack to be easily worn on belt or shirt pocket
    • Belt clip can be removed for more comfortable use of optional shoulder strap

    Full-Power Flashes

    • Shoe mount: 400
    • Handle mount: 325
    • Qflash: 225
    • Trio: 400

    Typical 1/8-Power Flashes in Automatic/TTL Mode

    • Shoe mount: 2850
    • Handle mount: 2300
    • Qflash: 1600
    • Trio: 2850
    UPC: 807955011484

    Quantum Instruments Turbo Blade Battery Pack

    Quantum continues to push the envelope with the Quantum Turbo Blade Battery Pack, jamming a huge amount of flash power into a wafer-thin battery which is 40% smaller than its Turbo Compact.

    Weighing in at under 15 oz and measuring just 1.44″ in height it’s ideal for grab-and-go photography. Not only does it go anywhere but it fits anywhere as well. The 1/4″-20 top tripod screw nestles neatly into your SLR, adding just enough weight for stability. Slip a flash into the hot shoe and you’ll truly experience the balance of power in a sleek form factor. For additional support Quantum has added a 1/4″-20 tap on the bottom of the unit for tripod, monopod or light stand mounting.

    Although these attributes are reason enough to purchase the Blade it’s really all about the power, isn’t it? Quantum comes through with up to 2850 flashes at 1/8 power for shoe mounted flashes. That translates as fill-flash heaven.

    The Blade includes features that we’ve come to expect from Quantum over the years like a “gas gauge” type power indicator and sleek rugged exterior. With the introduction of the Blade power just got smaller, faster and lighter.

    Quantum Instruments QF72 Multi Bracket – Umbrella, Tilt – for Q-Flash

    The Quantum QF72 Multi Bracket is a versatile bracket that will fit onto almost any light stand. It includes two removeable, reversible studs to adapt to light stands with top studs smaller than the standard 5/8″. Its male screw stud is designed to fit into the bottom of a Quantume Qflash.

    For photographers who already have an umbrella bracket, the “L” Bar (QF73) can be purchased separately. The “L” Bar can be mounted directly to any lightstand or monopod. An umbrella bracket is not needed. You can mount a Qflash and Radio Slave or Quantum Battery to the “L” Bar.

    It has a slot for an umbrella and it can be rotated for positioning the Qflash properly. When used with a lightbox the umbrella bracket can adjust the aim of the lightbox.
    Bracket tilts and swivels to make aiming the light or flash easy.

    Quantum Instruments Pole Mounting Clamp for Battery packs

    The Quantum QBC clamp can be used to hang any Quantum battery pack (except for Qpaq-X power pack) from a round or square pole. The belt clip on the Quantum Battery slips through the belt clip slot on the clamp.

    UPC: 807955004738
  • Additional Information

    Weight 30 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 44 in

    Two Lights, Three Lights

    Battery Combination

    One Turbo 3 & One Turbo SC, One Turbo 3 & One Turbo Blade, Three Turbo 3 Batteries, Three Turbo SC Batteries, Two Turbo 3 & One Turbo SC, Two Turbo 3 Batteries


    Nikon, Canon

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