TriggerSmart Control Unit


  • Control Unit for Camera Trigger System
  • For Sound, Light and Infra-red Sensors
  • Adjusts Sensitivity and Delay
  • Adjusts for Single or Continuous Firing

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  • The UK15 TriggerSmart Control Unit from Quantum Instruments is a spare or additional control unit for the TriggerSmart three-way camera triggering system. TriggerSmart offers a simple way to trigger your camera by using sensors that detect sound, light intensity and the interruption of an infra-red beam. Each detection method has its own uses and its own control settings on the TriggerSmart Control Unit. For example, if photographing fireworks or lightning, use the Light Intensity Sensor, connect it to the Control Unit and connect the Control Unit to your camera using the included cables. If needed, adjust the light sensitivity of the sensor on the Control Unit and when the lightning strikes or fireworks go off, the sensor detects the increase in light and fires your camera to shoot.

    With sound, the set-up is similar. Connect the sound sensor to the Control Unit and the Control Unit to the camera, adjust the sensitivity if you want the camera to fire only at very loud sounds and when that sound is detected, the TriggerSmart will trigger your camera to shoot. Single shots or continuous shooting are both possible. When using the system to detect movement with the Infra-red beam it is necessary to use both sensors, one to send the IR beam and one to receive it. With the receiving sensor connected to the Control Unit and the Control Unit to your camera, as soon as something moves through the IR beam, the camera fires.

    The TriggerSmart Kit is an affordable device for amateur and professional photographers and is particularly suited to shooting wildlife and lightning and can be utilized for a multitude of creative, fun and security purposes. Having an additional Control Unit allows multiple set-ups with numerous cameras, useful if shooting wildlife (or anything) over large areas of land.

    UK15 TriggerSmart Control Unit

    The TriggerSmart Control Unit is the heart (and brains) of the TriggerSmart system. The sensors connect to the Control Unit as does the camera. With the various sensors plugged into the controller you are able to adjust the triggering sensitivity, impose a delay on the trigger if desired and set the number of camera exposures you want to shoot. For example, if you are shooting a bullet breaking a glass, you want the camera to fire on the sound of the gun’s report, but not on other sounds, so you set the sensitivity to not respond to lesser sounds. If you realize that the gun’s report triggers the shutter too quickly, you establish a delay with a simple turn of a knob on the Control Unit. If you just can’t get the right image with a single shot, set the controller so your camera shoots continuously in order to get the perfect image of the bullet breaking the glass.


    The Control Unit is battery powered (4xAA) but an optional AC Adapter can be purchased and utilized as well.


    The TriggerSmart Control Unit is compatible with almost all cameras, however dedicated cables must be purchased to link specific cameras to the controller.

    TriggerSmart 861925 Specs

    Triggering Speed Selectable for 5 ms(1/200 sec) to 5 seconds
    Delay Range Short Delay: 1 ms (1/1000 sec.) to 100 ms (1/10 sec.) – Long Delay: 1000ms (1/10 sec.) to 10 seconds
    Triggering Modes: Manual, auto 1 shot, auto re-arm
    Focus Manual Activation
    Microphone Sensitivity Frequency Response: 50 – 5000 Hz
    Trigger Outputs x3 open collector (x2 trigger, x1 focus). 50v DC max at 100milliamps
    Power x4 AA batteries, high power type, non-rechargeable or AC to low voltage PSU 6-9V DC at 100 milliamps. UK22 AC power unit recommended.
    Power Consumption 40 milliamps. When IR TX module is connected: 80 milliamps.
    Operating Temperature 32 – 95º F (0 – 35º C)
    Storage Temperature 14 – 122º F ( -10 – 50º C)
    Shock Rating 10 Newtons
    Waterproofing IP53
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 7.5 x 5.5 x 2″ (19 x 14 x 5 cm)
    Weight 11.5 oz (326 g)
    UPC: 807955012559
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